Uses and Ideas for Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal, Manchaca Metals

Expanded metal sheets are versatile and come in different sizes and thicknesses to suit various applications. The most common types of expanded metal are raised and flat. Raised expanded metal, sometimes referred to as standard expanded metal, features a textured surface that offers excellent slip resistance, making it ideal for stair treads, flooring, and any application where traction is important. Flat expanded metal undergoes a flattening process to create a smooth surface, which is suitable for applications requiring a more uniform aesthetic.

In addition to raised and flat types, heavy-duty bar grates are another form of expanded metal commonly used in industrial settings such as catwalks, platforms, and walkways. These grates provide robust support and durability, ensuring safety and stability in high-traffic areas. The versatility of expanded metal makes it suitable for a variety of projects, including fencing, grills, patio furniture, trailer hitches, and pet or livestock containment, among other uses.

At Manchaca Metals, we offer a wide range of sizes in both Raised (Standard) and Flat expanded steel to meet your project needs. Whether you are looking for metal supplies for immediate use or planning to pick them up the next day, we have you covered. Our staff is ready to assist you with a quick quote and any questions! Call us today for a quote at 512-45METAL, or visit us at 12928 Lowden Ln., Manchaca, Texas 78652. We look forward to helping you with all your metal supply needs!

Expanded metal for BBQ grills

Raised expanded metal for stair treads

Raised or standard expanded metal is great for stair treads and flooring and is usually slip resistant and great for traction.

At Manchaca Metals, we have a variety of sizes of raised and flat expanded steel.  We have in stock metal supplies or pick it up next day!  Call us today for a quote at 512-45METAL or stop by 12928 Lowden Ln. Manchaca, Texas 78652

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