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Metal Supply, Manchaca Metals 12928 Lowden Ln. Manchaca, Texas 78652 512-456-3825

When it comes to metal supply in Austin, Texas, Manchaca Metals is your one-stop shop! We are located at 12928 Lowden Lane Unit G, Austin, TX, 78652 in the village of Manchaca in South Austin, offering a wide variety of structural steel supplies, including angle iron, expanded metal, square tubing, steel plate, and more!

What sets apart then the other metal retailers? We are committed to customer service and convenience. We offer same-day in stock pick up or next-day pick up on metal supplies, ensuring that you can get your materials when you need them. If you are needing custom cuts, Manchaca Metals provides CNC plasma cutting to cater to your specific needs,  allowing for detail and custom designs. We also utilize several other metal cutting techniques to cater to your specific needs to jump start your next project! 

Our inventory consists of Angle iron, square tubing, rectangular tubing, flat bar, pipe, steel plate, expanded metal, I-Beams, and more! If you are needing specialty metals, we carry aluminum, stainless, brass, and copper. Please note: Some specialty metals and back ordered items will take a few days for pick up.

For special pricing for bulk orders and current pricing, please contact our office at (512)45-METAL or 

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