Metal Cutting

Different Types of Metal Cutting, Manchaca Metals Austin, Texas



At Manchaca Metals, we offer on-site metal cutting for a small fee for your convenience. Listed below are the different types of cutting services we offer:


Shearing, punching, cutting Metal (Ironworker)

Ironworkers are versatile machines that play an important role in the fabrication and construction industries. These machines are made to perform several operations on metal components, making them essential in a metal shop. The primary functions of an ironworker include shearing, cutting, and punching metal. This allows our crew to efficiently process various forms including angle iron, steel plates, and flat bars, to create precision holes and cuts that are crucial for assembling structural components.
The shearing function of an ironworker is designed to cut metal sheets and bars to size with clean, straight edges. This is particularly useful for preparing the raw materials needed for specific projects, ensuring that each piece fits perfectly according to the design specifications. Cutting, on the other hand, can be done on different profiles of metal, including round and square bars, with precision and minimal waste.
Punching is another vital capability of an ironworker, allowing the creation of holes through metal with pinpoint accuracy. This operation is essential for creating bolt holes in angle irons, steel plates, and flat bars, facilitating the assembly of metal structures.

Torch Cutting

Typically used on mild steel such as large diameter pipe or thick plate, this method is more effective in cutting through thicker material. Torch cutting requires preheating the steel with a jet of pure oxygen directed onto the heated area this ignites a powerful reaction that swiftly cuts through the steel.

Torch cutting is a more versatile way to cut with an added flexibility allowing more than just a straight line. Skilled operatoras can cut intricate shapes and curves. Unlike many other cutting techniques that are limited by the need for specific set-ups in order to cut, torch cutting can be performed from any position. Torch cutting may leave behind metal slag, but This is easily removed with a hammer, file or grinder. 


CNC Plasma Cutting

Our 5' x 10' CNC Plasma table can get precise cuts and is very efficient at cutting thin material up to 3/4" thick. In comparison to torch current though, it is a much cleaner, precise cut.  We offer CNC Plasma cutting for precision custom sizes in steel plates and custom designs. Custom logos, Steel letters, and custom shapes. Send an email with design concepts and custom cuts needed to and we will send over an estimate and turnaround time for completion. 

Saw Cutting

Saw cutting is a highly efficient metal cutting technique, particularly when it involves the use of a large band saw. By utilizing a band saw, professionals can effectively cut through different metal forms including flat bars, pipes, angle iron, and square and rectangular tubing. This capability is crucial for projects requiring precise dimensions.
One of the key advantages of using a large band saw for saw cutting is its ability to handle large volumes of metal. The saw's design allows for continuous cutting, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. Whether for creating structural pieces, frames, or custom pieces, the precision of saw cutting ensures that each cut is consistent and it reduces material waste while saving time.

**We also offer plate rolling and pipe bending. Send specific dimetions and details to for a quick quote and completion time. Please note that these particular services may take longer.