At Manchaca Metals, we offer on-site metal cutting for a small fee for your convenience. Listed below are the different types of cutting services we offer:



Shearing is a common cutting technique in which two blades are forced past each other, essentially breaking the metal at the point of contact. This process can be performed on sheet, plate, and strip, as well as used for cutting bars and angle to length. Quick and quite cost effective, this is a popular cutting choice for straight cuts. The downside of this method of cutting is that it will not have a perfect edge due to the force causing a small visible rollover lip along the breakpoint.

Torch Cutting

Typically used on mild steel, this method is more effective in cutting through thicker material. Torch cutting requires preheating the steel, but can be done from all positions and has the ability to cut more than a simple straight section. The catch is that this method will result in a solidified residue, known as slag, along the cut edge. This can easily be removed with a hammer and chisel or be taken off with a grinder, however the latter runs the risk of recurring into the material further.

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting works by using a charged, high pressured gas that reaches up to 40,000*F to pierce the metal and displace the molten material. It is useful across a variety of metal types including mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Plasma cutting has the ability to be very precise and is very efficient at cutting thinner material. Similar to torch cutting, there is a deposit left along the edge that can be removed relatively easily. In comparison to torch current though, it is a much cleaner cut. However, this method can be a bit pricey as it can use up a good amount of power and has a high upfront cost to begin with.