Expanded Metal, Manchaca Metals

Expanded Metal 

Expanded metal is a lightweight, economical, and strong steel. It’s diamond shape pattern allows light and air to pass through it, making it very useful in a variety of ways. Expanded metal can be easily cut and shaped to fit in just about anywhere you need for extra added strength without putting a huge dent in your pocket book.

Expanded metal for BBQ grills

The two different types of expanded metal are raised and flat. Flat expanded metal is great for projects including: fencing, BBQ grills, patio furniture, trailer hitches, pet and livestock containment and more.

Raised expanded metal for stair treads

Raised or standard expanded metal is great for stair treads and flooring and is usually slip resistant and great for traction.

At Manchaca Metals, we have a variety of sizes of raised and flat expanded steel.  We have in stock or we can get in 1-2 business days for pick up. We also offer fabrication at our Welding Shop. Call us today for a quote! 512-45METAL.

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