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Expanded Metal: The Strong and Economical Steel

Expanded Metal  Expanded metal is a lightweight, economical, and strong steel. It’s diamond shape pattern allows light and air to pass through making it very useful in a variety of ways. This makes it easier to manage and more economical. The two different types of expanded metal are raised and flat. Flat expanded metal is…

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Angle Iron Uses and Ideas

The angle iron can be used for an endless amount of projects. It’s affordability and strength makes it a popular structural steel for commercial use or for your next home project. It’s versatility makes it used for just about anything you can come up with. Here’s some creative ideas that you can use for your…

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Drill Pipe-The Reusuable Steel

Drill Pipe-The Reusable Steel Texas leads the nation in the gas and petroleum industry. So, around the state of Texas there is no shortage of oil rigs and from every work sight, you will find a drill pipe or drill stem. After it’s job is done on the oil field, it can used in a…

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